Sinan Hussein

Born in 1977 in Iraq, Sinan Hussein graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Baghdad. He is a member of the Iraqi Fine Arts Artist Society and of the Union of Iraqi Artists. Sinan Hussein’s whimsical characters seem weightless in an environment reminiscent of Limbo. Hussein’s protagonists are depicted in pairs or as lone figures, twisting through open spaces. Lovers are huddled as clusters around which other elements revolve. To achieve this effect, their bodies are first rendered with a thin line that creates a shell, a home for the spirits in need of shelter. This volume is then completed with solid forms and finalized with the layering of washes, creating volumes. At times, his characters are canonized with golden halos, some of which grow to enclose the entire figure.  Other symbolic clues are distributed throughout Hussein’s compositions. Fish figures appear as an indication of seclusion and reproduction, a paradox that mirrors the reality of exile.