Yasser Al Mulla

Born in 1980 in Qatar, Yasser Al Mulla is an architectural engineer and a visual artist. His monochromatic line drawings are reminiscent of Sufi cultural and traditional aesthetics. The
intricate line work, done in ink, expresses visual poetry through round, straight, curved continual strokes. His repetitive drawing technique conveys the artist’s meditative personality, progressively revealing hidden figures as the viewer’s eye adjusts to detail. Each piece begs the question: What is it that we do and don’t see in our immediate reality? What does one’s subjective and objective
impression mean? How do our senses translate impulsively versus analytically? Al Mulla once said: “In 2016 I had a dream. That night I woke up scared of something that I had never experienced before. It was a tsunami that blew my head. The next day I found myself buying a piece of canvas and some black pens and I started painting nonstop. Now I draw my endless lines on everything; walls, doors, clay, paper, canvas, boxes, anything I can put my hand on. I seriously believe I found myself and I am happier than at any time of my life.”