Muhannad Shono

Born in 1977, visual artist Muhannad Shono completed his education from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in the year 2000 with a bachelor of arts in Architecture. His use of multiple sleek materials combined and incorporated into natural and urban spaces defies the conventional frame. It is as if he is drawing the world’s energetic essence through his aesthetic interventions, creating visual and graphical effects in a physical environment. Shono is passionate about thwarting boundaries. It is
as if he is set on breaking the moulds the art world has imposed upon us all. Neo-relics and neo-symbology belonging to an unknown world oscillate between two-dimensional and threedimensional perceptions. His ancestral memories of migration led him to dissect the definition of boundary, as if his sense of creation has given him an outlet for freedom. Art has always felt like the ultimate solution to defy confinement. His works have been presented across the world from intimate drawings to large-scale sculptural works, robotic and technological pieces, all of which illuminate a journey he would like to take us on.