Fares Rizk

Born in Cairo from a Palestinian Jordanian family. Fares Rizk studied fine art at Parson’s school of design and graduated with an M.F.A. Since graduating, he has lived and worked in NYC and continues to travel internationally. His work is in The National Gallery of Jordan and in the MOCA, Museum of Contemporary art in Yinchuan China. He is work is part of the permanent collection of the Palestine Museum, USA and is represented by Wadi Finan for arts in Jordan and Patricia Field is one of his famous collectors.

Fares’s art has been collected by Jordanian royalty as well as American celebrities. His paintings are hanging permanently in the house of the Jordanian ambassador in NYC and Washington D.C. Fares captures moments in his paintings; a moment that could have come and gone. He takes these moments and makes them timeless, which leads to his work exuding a poetic and spiritual tone.

His style and sense of colour can be compared to Picasso and Matisse, two artists he studied and admired his entire life. With all the conflicts in the world, Fares’s way of finding peace is through his art.