Gilbert Hage

Born in 1966, Lebanese photographer Gilbert Hage explores the contemporary strengths of his medium. He studied at the SaintEsprit University in Kaslik and has been teaching there since 1990.
He also teaches photography at the Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA). Even though Hage has an objective approach, his photos always seem to convey some form of intimacy, whether it be portraiture or landscapes. Each one of his series seems to adhere to a very specific protocol, parameters that the artist sets for himself so as to delve deeply into the subject at hand. This often involves the allowance for the subject to determine the final product. The medium of photography is after all an exchange between the photographer and the photographed. The margin for instant and constant change is an organic part one should embrace when holding a camera. Often, the human form is presented in isolation, against a neutral background. Hage is not interested in facts or in a journalistic, exploitative depiction of tragic events.