Resme Al Kafaji

Resme Al Kafaji was born in Diywania. He earned a degree in Art from the Institute of Fine Arts of Baghdad, then later a diploma in Fine Arts in painting from the Accademia di Belle Arti of Florence, Italy. Since 1977 he has been living and working in Florence and Prato. Before moving to Italy he participated in various exhibitions in Iraq. His work is influenced by both his native Iraq and his adopted European home, and he is known for working exclusively in black and white since 2003, his last visit to Iraq. Solo exhibitions have been held in Florence, Prato, Bergen, Brussels, and Milan while he has also participated in group exhibitions across Italy and in the Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Slovenia, and Syria. He is the first Arab artist to have work on display at the Napoli Museum. His works are in the collections of C.A.O.S. Museum- Terni, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Casoria- Casoria (CE), and Museum of Arts and Antiquities – Al-Qadissiya University, Iraq, and in private art collections in Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Great Britain