Aly Said

Aly Said was born on the north side of the river Nile near the historical city of Rosetta in Egypt. He began his study at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria in 1997, graduating from the painting department in 2002 and earning his master’s degree in 2012. He has been an active participant in the Egyptian contemporary art movement since 2000. Since 2014 he is the director of the Fine Arts Museum in Alexandria, the oldest museum in the city for Egyptian modern art. Said takes part in many art events in Egypt and abroad. Since 1999 he has participated in more than 60 exhibitions in Cairo, Alexandria, and Port Said. Internationally his work has been shown in the exhibition of contemporary Egyptian art in Rome (2004), as well as in a traveling exhibition across Italy and at the Biennale BJCEM Euro-Mediterranean in Bari, Italy (2008). He has also taken part in many workshops, including with the Japanese artist Kyoko EPE on how to make and use handmade paper 2007. He was awarded first prize in painting at the Atelier Alexandria International Salon, second prize in painting at the 15th salon of Youth Cairo, and third prize in painting at the Exhibition of the Faculty of Fine Arts.