Imed Jemaiel

Born in Bizerte, Tunisia in 1965, Imed Jemaiel shifted his attention to the arts after two years of medical school. In 1990, he earned a degree in Fine Arts, specialising in printmaking. In 1992, he started teaching at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Tunisia. He is an art critic influenced by the Dadaist movement and a teacher who encourages his students to draw upon their youth, their visual and
emotive memory, all in the spirit of lightheartedness. He has participated in group exhibitions in Tunisia including the Spring of the Arts, the annual exhibition of the Union of Tunisian Plastic Artists. In 2014, he had his first solo exhibition entitled “Les Dessous des Ratures” (Beneath the Crossings Out) at the Amar Farhat Gallery. In his “Les Dessous des Ratures” series, his interest in language is expressed through mesmerising and intricate combinations of ancient symbolism and code. The spectator muses upon the dialectic of what is being said and what still remains a mystery.