Amer Shomali

Amer Shomali in his art studio in Ramallah, in front of his painting, is a character in the film “The Wanted 18”.

Amer Shomali is a visual artist, filmmaker, animator, and cartoonist whose dry humor and critical approach to Palestinian socio-political realities are traceable throughout his works. Through a multidisciplinary and wide-ranging practice, Shomali has often utilized comical and absurdist gestures to criticize the Israeli occupation, as evidenced in his film The Wanted 18, which won several notable awards, including the best documentary award in Abu Dhabi, Carthage, Traverse City, and Al-Jazeera Film Festivals. His mixed-media works examine the iconography of notable political figures and revolutionaries alike, namely The Icon (2011), a portrait of Leila Khaled composed of 3,500 lipsticks, and his Yasser Arafat series Between Two TIMEs (2014), which depicts notable portraits of the former political leader using the threads of an un-stitched Kuffiyeh. His works have been acquired by notable collections including The British Museum, Birzeit University Museum as well as private collections. Born in Kuwait in 1981, Shomali holds a BA in Architecture at Birzeit University, Palestine, and a Master’s degree in Animation from the University of Bournemouth, United Kingdom.  The artist currently lives and works in Ramallah, Palestine.