Yasmina Nysten

New York-based artist Yasmina Nysten was born in Helsinki in 1988 and has lived in Finland, France, Lebanon, and the U.S.  She studied art at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Art (ALBA) and New York’s Pratt Institute and works in a variety of media, including drawing, painting, illustration, and installation. Her colorful acrylic paintings often capture distorted figures or absurdist gestures, that disrupt an otherwise familiar scene.  Her more recent paintings of casual scenes of youth gathered together, drinking or lounging by the pool, capture the warmth and collegiality of the human condition. She has exhibited widely in Lebanon, and internationally at galleries such as Ayyam Gallery Dubai (2013 to 2015) and Ouchi Gallery – New York (2009).   In addition to completing a Photography Residency at the School of Visual Arts Exhibition (New York 2008), Nysten held two solo shows, ‘The 7 Minute Special’ [solo at the Kleio Project (New York 2009)] and in 2010 she curated and participated in the exhibition “Kings of the Impossible” at “Kleio Projects” (New York 2010).