1.  Objective:
A collective travelling exhibition to promote Middle Eastern artists without borders exchanging cultural narratives through Art.
The works are all in one format created with any medium on canvas, the collection brings together artists from the Middle East to exchange their cultural narrative through their art. Established names and emerging talents, young and old, women and men, all side by side on the same starting line.
The objective is to support artists and raise awareness of the wealth of landscape, cultural and artistic heritage, has no commercial ambitions, but aims to unite the diversities of our world in the name of common artistic experience. The goal is to catalogue works, inspirations and ideas, in order to pass down to future generations the widest possible mapping of the situation of human cultures at the start of the third millennium.

2.  How to participate:
Aspiring participants have to qualify as emerging, mid or career established artist, apply online and submit a concept of their work. The entry is free and only one submission per participant is allowed.
Participant artist must be over 18 years old and are: artists, graphic designers, art directors, art professionals, illustrators, art lovers and art and design students coming from all over the Middle East.
If application is approved, the artist shall supply an artwork created on a 20×20 cm canvas free of charge to be exhibited on the Cultural Narratives shows to benefit from the exposure in Selections and in the different art exhibitions we take part in worldwide. Selections will arrange pick-up by courier.

3.  Cultural Narratives selection criteria:
Artworks are vetted by a committee made up by Selections, museum curators, collectors and gallerists.
The artwork has to be created by the artist hand, original and delivering a cultural message.

4.  Intellectual Property Rights:
The participant undertakes and warrants that the artwork submitted will not infringe third party’s intellectual property rights.
Selections reserves the rights to publish the artwork in print for distribution during art shows with the Artist details and Biography.
The artist assigns, without any limitation of period, territory and means of diffusion, all the intellectual property rights connected with the artwork submitted in order to assure the widest exploitation of the Communication Campaign.

5.  Communication Campaign:
The Communication Campaign shall be promoted through an integrated and multi-channel approach and that shall achieve the following aims:


  • Promote it organizing exhibitions in different countries around the world;
  • Work with local governments cultural institutions to provide exhibition space and promotions;
  • Develop a loyal online following among its target audience (artists, curators, art lovers, Selections followers);
  • Stimulate the interest of a new transversal audience  (audience of professionals and non, wider target with a true interest in the world of Art, differentiated targets in terms of sex and age, all genders and age from 20s to the over 60s);
  • Promote the visits to the exhibitions and encourage interaction with the online platform;     
    6.  Communication Strategy:


The Communication Campaign shall reflect, through a strong and incisive idea, the characteristics and aims of Selections, such as:


  • its non-profit nature;
  • its artistic/cultural/social soul;
  • its global spirit;
  • its desire, through art, to break down barriers and create relationships between people from different countries of the World, with different backgrounds and living conditions;
  • its intent to bring people together (Selections Cultural Narratives is a real and virtual community of artists, curators, art lovers);
  • its uniqueness (Selections, through its collections and its digital archive – the website selectionsarts.com – is providing a real time snapshot of the Middle Eastern Contemporary Art World and the multi-form historical-cultural context within which, each local artistic movement is positioned);
  • Innovation and interactivity as reflected in the digital characteristics of the project (website, social media, digital PR, etc …);
  • Give visibility to the artists.


For further information relating to all aspects of participation, would-be participants are invited to write to info@selectionsarts.com.