Laure Ghorayeb

Born in Deir al-Qamar in 1931, Laure Ghorayeb has been exhibiting her intricate ink drawings since the 1960s, documenting the people and events in her life, and charting their experiences of living through political conflict to moments of personal happiness. Drawing inspiration from comic-book layouts, her ink drawings are often interspersed with found objects and photographs to form intricate collages rich with biographical details.  At the core of her work is a desire to tell a story that moves beyond restrictive social and political impositions.  As well to her painstakingly detailed drawings, Ghorayeb is an art critic and culture writer and has published poems, novellas, and an artist’s book. She has participated in numerous international solo and group shows, including the Paris, Baghdad, and Alexandria Biennial, and notable regional art fairs including Art Dubai and Abu Dhabi.