Fadi Al Hamwi

Fadi Al Hamwi is a multimedia artist, specializing in painting, video, and installation works.  His body of work reflects a preoccupation with exploring the human experience of war, using sarcasm as a tool to criticize social traditions, beliefs, and superstitions. His figurative paintings of animals and humans use x-ray techniques to reveal the underlying bone structure of his subjects – a technique that reveals both the commonality and baseness of their individual forms.  Dark in tone and execution, Hamwe’s work invites a reflection on the dark side of humanity, namely the dehumanizing and violent effects of war. Born in Damascus, Syria in 1986, Hamwe studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Damascus, where he specialized in oil and mural painting.  He has participated in exhibitions in Damascus, Beirut, Dubai, London, Canada, and the USA. He lives and works in Berlin, Germany.