Ayman Baalbaki


Ayman Baalbaki was born in Odeisse in 1975, the same year the Lebanese civil war began. His works tackle the conflict and its aftermath from multiple perspectives, exploring destruction and displacement, loss, identity and collective memory. Baalbaki is best-known for his large-scale paintings, executed primarily in thick acrylic paint, which depict Beirut’s urban environments, more specifically the demolished structures of the city’s bombed suburbs. His works stand out in terms of texture, brushwork and the monumentality of their scale. A desire to capture the de-stabalising effects of war extends to his installation works. He remains a prominent force in the contemporary Lebanese art scene, having participated in numerous shows including a solo exhibition at Agial Art Gallery, Beirut and a group exhibition, Arabicity (2010) at the Beirut Exhibition Centre. Baalbaki has been exhibited internationally, including the 54th Venice Biennial, as well as public and private collections worldwide. Baalbaki studied at the Lebanese University in Beirut and at the Ecole nationale supérieure des art décoratifs in Paris. The artist currently lives and works in Beirut.