Ali Sirry

Aly Sirry is a self-taught artist who works in diverse media including, pottery, paper-making, metal and wood, ink, and acrylic.  His first solo show Calm Chaos(2017) held at Art Talks, Cairo, invited a reflection on the chaos, political ruptures, and turmoil of his Cairo surroundings which were brought into order through the artist’s minimalist brushstrokes and monochromatic that comprise his ink-on-paper drawings.  Detailed and meticulous in their execution, Sirry’s compositions invite the viewer to pay close attention to his methodical approach, offering momentarily escape from the distractions and disruptions of the outside world. Speaking of his work, Sirry states: ‘My work seeks to divert observers from the dissonant and invasive ambient noise towards a zone of tranquil reflection’. Similarly, Sirry’s artistic career could be read as a personal, meditative escape from his full-time career as an Egyptian diplomat in Cairo